www.firefightingnews.com​- Firefightingnews.com is a well maintained website that contains the most up to date news of all types in the firefighting world. From wildfire to residential, you will find some of the best notable information whether it be positive or negative. website offers some other helpful tools that are worth exploring.

www.firerescue1.com​ - Fire Rescue 1 has a notable reputation in the industry. With the site supplying ample information about the fire service in a well organized drop down, you can are able to find and read any on your mind. FireRescue1 also offers an online store and sells just about any kind of fire gear available. This site gets a bunch of traffic and is very well known.

www.firehouse.com​- Fire house keeps up to date information on some of the most controversial topics in the fire industry. From firefighter arrests and apparatus crashes to week long fires. Fire house also offers training videos that are submitted from all around and in different climates.

www.fireengineering.com​- If you are in the fire service then you have heard of Fire Engineering Magazine. They provide local and world news that includes top of the line equipment articles, training programs in the states and out, and FDIC news. Fire engineering as been in the network for close to 140 years and provides training, education, and management information for fire and emergency services personnel worldwide.


​www.fdic.com ​-​FDIC international is a well know training organization that offers hands on evolutions, classroom lectures, and workshops that are organized at various locations through out the year. The site give further details as far as schedule and available classes. These events are one of the biggest and most knowledgeable to be apart of. You will leave knowing more fire skills than you ever thought you would.

www.firefighterclosecalls.com - Firefighter close calls has great PDF files on training drills that can be done at any department. The drills are easy to download and free to anyone who visits the site. No need to sign up or register although they do offer great newsletters and LODD emails when you register to their "Secret List".

www.modernfirebehavior.com​- in affiliation with firefighterclosecalls.com, Modern Fire Behavior is one of the best training site out there. with seminars as well as new fire gadgets posted on a well maintained YouTube channel, you are sure to learn a few things from experts all over the world! One great advantage on this website is their interactive training modules that offer great online training for free in various categories.


www.firedepartment.net ​- Ever wonder how many fire departments there are in the USA? well the answer is 40,806! This website is put together to assist people in finding departments all over the world with easy to use tools such as "Nearest fire departments" to your location our that departments patch. With listed photos of each departments patch, this site is sure to get the attention of any patch collector.


​www.firefightercancersupport.org ​- I have recently learned about firefighter cancer support network and was immediately impressed by the amount of help they provide to firefighters with cancer. From mentors and doctors to sending helpful tools to your house to stay organized. Any firefighter dealing with the struggle is definitely recommended to check out the site for additional information.

www.ffcancer.org​- International Firefighter Cancer Foundation is a website dedicated to providing knowledge and awareness to firefighters who already have a high risk level. With resources and research links for firefighters as well as their family's to read up on through difficult times. The site is a great source to get help and information from university's and other government cancer awareness sites.

www.healthy-firefighter.org - Being healthy as a firefighter should be one of your number one goals.  You are only capable of helping others if your heart is healthy enough to do so. Healthy-Firefighter.org is a ornization that concentrates on lowering the number one reason for firefighter deaths, HEART ATTACKS. The site provides free program literature that you can download and read, research from why firefighters are getting more heart attacks, recipes for keeping a healthy heart, fitness videos, and much more. It's definitely one of the mor resourceful sites out there!

www.choosemyplate.gov - Beyond the food triangle in every way. This site focuses on educating you about ingredients, chemicals, foods as well as portion control. The site has plenty of reading material to educate yourself on being a healthier person but also includes helpful tools that anyone can use while dieting. BMI calculator, calorie charts, and more.

http://floridafirefightersafety.org -​ The FFSHC is an organization that is committed to providing FREE training to fire departments regarding firefighter rahab, wellness, fitness, health and more. Check out our homepage for a short description of what they are all about or check out FFSHC's website for the most up to date information.


www.firehero.org​- Fire hero is part of the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation. The NFFF provides support to both the family's and the departments of fallen firefighters. The site is a great source for 9/11 stair climbs, LODD search, and amazingly inspirational videos in tribute to fallen firefighters. The site also accepts donations for the cause.

www.nfpa.org​- concentrating on the fire service codes and standards, NFPA has much more to offer! The National Fire Protection Agency provide an enormous amount of research from LODD, Injuries and how they are caused from previous years. NFPA puts together statistics of previous years and creates trend reports, causes and how to prevent future issues. The site is a requirement for any safety officer wanting to stay on top of their game. simply hover over their  on "research" and click on "Fire Statistics" to take you to all the research they have obtained over the years.

www.usfa.fema.gov​ - FEMA keeps some of the most up to date research and stats on firefighter safety, deaths, as well as comparisons to previous years. They don't only keep track of firefighters, they keep track of all deaths on fires. Did you know almost 22% more men die in fires than women? With graphs and charts, the website puts an easy to read format to determine causes of fires, risks and providing this research to the public so we can better defend our selves. This website also provides LODD reports as well as a search for LODD in previous years. This site also offers email and text updates sent as they happen!

www.firefighterclosecalls.com​ - You will see me post this site again in the training category. Firefighter close calls has plenty of useful information, one of the things this site has to offer that I really like is there "Secret List". Simply put, the Secret List is a mailing list that will email you top news in the firefighting world such as LODD. ​​


www.foolsinternational.com ​-  Fraternal Order Of Leatherhead Society. One of the greatest organizations put together to help the community at which they work in. The organization was started in 1995 by a group of Central Florida Firemen (The Founding F.O.O.L.S.). The FOOLS participate in fundraisers, charity events, and helping disadvantaged children receive gifts for Christmas. Find a FOOLS program near you and join! if there isn't one, contact the founders and see if you can start one.

www.withthecommand.com ​- If you are in need of some firefighting material written by the guys out in the field, this is your site. The site provides articles form popular authors in the industry from all over. Articles can pertain to life experience, training, Leadership advise and much more. The site also provides audio files from actual fire calls in the USA.Type your paragraph here.


www.nifc.gov - The National Interagency Fire Center is one of the best sources out there in reference to wild land fires and statistics. The site shows number of fires for the year in the states they happen in as well as weather conditions for high risk areas. NIFC also references other great sources for wild land fire training, research, strategies, mobilization information, and fire shelters. On top of all that, they also provide literature in PDF format for easy access. the "Red Book" and "Blue Book" which is for Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations is also provided for free in PDF.



www.thefirestations.com - The Fire Stations website has a good amount of  firehouse recipes as well as some helpful links. The site includes recipes from firefighters all around who want to share their great tasting food with the rest of the world. The site owner accepts recipes (giving credit to the creator by posting their link or email) anyone would like to submit to be public. The recipes are simple and easy to read. Each recipe is submitted by a firefighter and are quick and easy to fit the firehouse life style. Be sure to check them out for new ideas and even to submit your on special recipe you would like to share.

Firefighter Links


www.911hotjobs.com - Always refer to indeed, monster and local listings for open positions near you. most of those offer a registration to sign up for so they can email you when something comes up. 911 HotJobs is one of the best sites I have used. They are nation wide and have an amazing search program where you can find exactly what you are looking for.  They post jobs for Firefighter, Police, EMT's and more. They also sell books that can help with examination preparation in categories like Aerial Apparatus, Building Construction, Chief Officer. Fire Officer, Fireground Operatons, IFSTA Essentials, Instructor, and more.


​   FirefighterLinks.com offers this "links" page to great reputable sites in the fire industry that are current and constantly updated. We do not post just any website on this page, we post pages that offer FREE services, great information and industry changing research! We hope that you find this page useful in your search for fire related information.