Video posted by IronsandLadders. Check them out on YouTube and their website at for classes they offer.

Description: Video shows good technique on forcing entry on a metal  outward swinging commercial door with a panic bar and drop bar.

    Welcome to our Training page. This page will consist of videos and literature from some amazing firefighters all over the world. Special consideration goes towards giving credit to the creators of this information. If you know of any great videos that you wish to share, just let us know!

Video posted by PBCFR, check them out at for more great educational videos!

Description: Video goes over PIT crew resuscitation techniques using their protocols. Notice the changes in airway. the organized pit crew technique gives everyone a specific role.

Video posted by Brent Batla. on youtube. Please reference hia youtube page

Description: Video shows another way of the Denver drill. This modified drill in video utilizes one firefighter as a ramp using leg strength rather than arms.

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